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Born in Edmonton

Lives in Calgary


Educated in & by the region.


Studies sculpture,

is fond of photography

is drawn to drawing, interested in installation,

& on occasion participates in performance.


Some interests include

free flowing water,

many forms of fuel,

dysfunctional material, objects and circumstances,

older things,

the peculiarities of museums

& wide ranging definitions of sculpture.

Walter May                                                                                                                       Biography


Although primarily known as a sculptor, Walter May’s practice has also included drawing, digital photography, and installations. He has an extensive exhibition record with over two dozen solo and collaborative exhibitions or projects and numerous invitational and group exhibitions at the regional and national level including the 1998 and 2010 Alberta Biennials. International activities have included the production and exhibition of work at Chateau Matheau, Normandy, France (2009), Kling and Bang Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland (2009), the Lui Haisu Arts Museum, Shanghai (2008), and Galeria Klimy in Warsaw, Poland (2005). May has undertaken artist residencies at “Prairie North”, Grand Prairie, Alberta (2004), “The Brazier’s International Artists Residency” Oxfordshire, England (2001), and the “Djerassi Resident Artists Program,” in Woodside, California (2010). Commissions have included a four part sculpture with an associated limited edition digital print portfolio prepared for the 2012 Honens International Piano Competition and “Hatstack,” and a 19ft high bronze sculpture for Le Germaine Hotel, Calgary (2017)


From 1982 to 2013, Walter May was a faculty member at the Alberta College of Art & Design, teaching primarily in the sculpture program. He served three terms as President of ACAD Faculty Association.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta.             Resides in Calgary, Alberta




    Graduate of the University of Regina - M.F.A. 1977, (Major in sculpture, minor in drawing).

    Graduate of the University of Alberta - B.F.A.  l97l.



SOLO   EXHIBITIONS:                                *   indicates Catalogue


2021           Nothing New Here                        Paul Kuhn Gallery   

2020           Ground                                        Outdoor exhibition curated by KyrlMarks                                                                                                                          Projects, Inglewood, Calgary.
2018     *    Look Again                                   Nickle Galleries, Univ. of Calgary.

2016     *    Walter May: Object Lessons            Glenbow Museum, Calgary.

2015           One Thing After Another                Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary.

2012           Collected                                      Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary. 

2008           Walter May: Our Nature                 Paul Kuhn Gallery. Calgary.

2002     *    Flammable Inflammable                 Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary.

1997           The Museum of Fuel                      Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary.

1994           Our Nature                                   Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan.

                  Another Network                           A.K.A. Artists' Centre, Saskatoon, Sask.

1991           Furthermore                                 Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary.

1990     *    Low Table - High Chairs                  Mercer Union, Toronto.

1990     *    Walter May                                   The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton.

1989           Walter May : Sculpture                   Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary.

1986           Walter May : Recent Sculpture         Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary.

1985     *    Walter May : Recent Sculpture         Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge.

1984           Walter May : New Sculpture            Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary.

1982           Looks Like Real, Feels Like Real       Optica, Montreal.

1977           Walter May,  M.F.A. Exhibition          Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina.

1975           Walter May, Sculpture                     Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary.





2005    *   There and Gone, Warsaw (with L. Vickerson, P. van Tiesenhausen), Galeria Klimy, 

                Warsaw, Poland. June 2005.

          *    There and Gone, Calgary, Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary, Sept. 2005.

1998         Distant,  (with Blake Senini), Artweek exhibition, Calgary.

1994         Squint,  (with Gordon Ferguson & Laura Vickerson), Artweek exhibition, Calgary.

1989    *   Cutting down on Overhead - Media Blitz 2, Performance with Gordon Ferguson and Blake Senini,

                sponsored by The New Gallery, Calgary.

1987    *   Gang of Three (with Gordon Ferguson and Blake Senini).

                Plug in Gallery & Ace Gallery, Winnipeg.

1984         In Triplicate,  (with Alan Dunning & Blake Senini).

                Presented by Latitude 53 Gallery, Manulife Place, Edmonton.

1979         Walter May & Don McVeigh, Clouds and Water Gallery, Calgary.

                Two, (with Carroll Moppett), Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff.

1974         Statues and Pictures, (with Don McVeigh), Latitude 53, Edmonton.





2021        Killing Me Softly, Ribtor Warehouse, KyleMarks Projects

2019        Summer 2019, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary

2018        Summer Exhibition, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary

2016        Five Artists: Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, Alberta.

2015        Exposure x 5: Photography, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary, Alberta.         

2014        Made in Calgary: The 2000’s, The Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary. 

               Made in Calgary: The 90’s,  The Glenbow Museum and the Art Gallery of Calgary.

               90x90 Celebrating Art in Alberta: Part One. The Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton.

               Folly: Chateau Mathieu, The Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary.

2013        Made in Calgary: The 80’s, The Glenbow Museum, Calgary Alberta.

               Made in Calgary: The 70’s, The Glenbow Museum, Calgary Alberta.

               Made in Alberta, Part 4, The Art Gallery of Calgary.
               Made in Alberta, Part 2, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary Alberta.

2012        Folly: Chateau Mathieu, Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat. Alberta. 

               We Tell ourselves Stories: Nickle Galleries, Univ. of Calgary, Calgary, Alta. 

2010        TimeLand – The 2010 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art: The Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton.

2009        Five Photographers – Edward Burtynsky, Christian Grandjean, Todd Korol, Paul Jackson and Walter May,

               Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary

               Sleepless Nights: Kling & Bang Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland.

               Seven Contemporary Canadian Sculptors from Calgary: Triangle Gallery, Calgary.

               Tenuous Balance, Our Environment: Exposure Calgary Banff Photography Festival 2009,

               The Gerry Thomas Gallery, Calgary.

2008  *    Seven Contemporary Canadian Sculptors from Calgary: Liu Haisu Arts Museum, Shanghai 

2006        Black & White, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary.

2005        Round Table: Prairie North 2004 Creative Residency, Edmonton Art Gallery travelling

               exhibition - various venues/

               Leave it to Drever: Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, Alta.

               Alberta Artists Seen: National Arts Centre, Mezzanine, Ottawa, Ont.

2004        Making it like a Man, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Sask.        

               10X10X10X10, Triangle Gallery, Calgary.

               New Acquistions: Edmonton Art Gallery.

2002        The Beastiary: Stride Gallery, Calgary.

2001        Idols and Icons: The New Gallery, Calgary.

               Braziers International Artists Workshop Exhibition: Braziers Park. Oxfordshire, England.

               Burn Graceland Burn: Art Gallery of Calgary.

               Money: Performance as part of Burn Graceland Burn, Art Gallery of Calgary.

               Silver: Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD, Calgary.

               Then and Now: Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary.

               Presence: The Works Visual Arts Festival, Edmonton, Alta.

1999        Exquisite Corpse: (with Blake Senini, Gordon Ferguson) Stride Gallery, Calgary.

1998  *    The Alberta Biennial: The Glenbow Museum & Edmonton Art Gallery.

               Looks Like..., The Edmonton Art Gallery.

1997        A Duchampian Look at the Glenbow Collection: The Glenbow, Calgary.

1996        Still Life, a Contemporary View, Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary.

1995        Ark - Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art, Calgary.

               Basic Tools: Eye Level Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1994        Looking Back II: 1981-85, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge.

1993        Ten, Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary.

               Hockey 100: Truck, Calgary.

1992        Alberta Survey: New Landscapes, The Edmonton Art Gallery.

1990        Sculpture '90: Four Alberta Sculptors, The Triangle Gallery, Calgary.

1989        Cutting Down on Overhead. Performance for Media Blitz, New Gallery, Calgary 

1988   *   Contemporary '88:  Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary.

1987        Wall Space,  The Glenbow Museum,  Calgary.

          *   Drawing Out the Form:  The Nickle Arts Museum, University of Calgary.

          *   Dreaming Before Nature: The Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton.

               The Exchange Show, Calgary-Milano - organized by Off Centre Centre, Calgary 

               & Centro Lavoro Arte, Milano.

1985   *   The First Ten: l975-l985: Off Centre Centre, Calgary.

               Five + Five: Off Centre Centre, Calgary.

1983        The Un-college Exhibition:,James Ulrich Gallery, Calgary.

               Studio Survey: Sculptur.  Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton.

          *   Locations National: outdoor sculpture installation. Hosted by Off Centre Centre

               in conjunction with ANNPAC, Calgary.

1981        Some Calgary Artists, Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton.

          *   Furniture as Art: Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary.

1980   *   Monuments: Off Centre Centre, Calgary.

          *   Some Drawings by Some Albertans: Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary.

1979   *   Alberta Works in Wood: Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary.

1978        Paper Tigers: traveling exhibition circulated by the Dunlop Gallery, Regina.

          *   Obsessions, Rituals and Controls: The Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina.

               Mostly Smaller Works:  Clouds & Water Gallery, Calgary.

1977        Group Exhibition: Bau-xi Gallery, Toronto.

               Albertaworks: Alberta College of Art & the University of Calgary Gallery.

          *   Sculpture on the Prairies, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg.

1976        Forum '76, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal.

1975        Four Man Art, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina.

               Alberta Art, Canadian Consul, Atlanta, Georgia.

1974        Manisphere: Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg.

               14th Annual Calgary Graphics:  Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary.

1971        11th Annual Calgary Graphics: Alberta College of Art Gallery, Calgary.

1982-2014    Various faculty exhibitions




    Emeritus Award, The Alberta College of Art and Design, 2013

    Faculty Speaker, Alberta College of Art and Design Convocation, 2012

    Honens International Piano Competition, Digital Print Portfolio, 2012

    Sculpture Comissioned for the 2012 Honens International Piano Competition, 2009

    Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant, “Digital Print Project, 2007";  “There & Gone, 2005”;  "Campfires, 2004"

    Sculptural Consultant, PetroCanada Olympic Flag Bearer Award, 2003/04

    Canada Council Creation/production Grant - established ("A"), 2001

    Canada Council Visiting Artists/lecturer Grant - in association with the Alberta College of Art & Design Faculty Association,       to organize the first national meeting of the presidents of the Faculty Associations of Canada’s four College’s of Art &               Design, 1998.

    Canada Council Arts Grant “B”– 1992, 1987, 1978.

    Calgary Region Arts Foundation Impresario Grant, to curate the exhibition  

    Alberta 75th Civic Grant to curate the exhibition "Monuments" Off Centre Centre, 1980.

    University of Regina Graduate Scholarship (T.A.) 1975/76/77.




    Alberta Foundation for the Arts                       The Canada Council Art Bank

    Alberta Culture Jubilee Auditorium Collection    Alberta College of Art and Design

    The Glenbow Museum and Archives                The Nickle Arts Museum

    Pan-Canadian Petroleum Collection                  Provincial Museum Collection

    Toronto Dominion Bank Collection                   The University of Regina

    The University of Lethbridge                           Trans-Alta Utilities

    Grant McEwen Community College                  The Edmonton Art Gallery

    City of Calgary Civic Collection                        Le Germaine, Calgary




    President: Alberta College of Art & Design Faculty Association, 1998-2001, 2003-2007.

    Invited Guest Artist: “Prairie North Creative Residency, Grand Prairie, Alta, May 2004.

    ACADFA representative to ACIFA (Alberta Colleges & Institutes Faculty Assoc.) 98-2001,     

    ACADFA rep. to CAAE (Coalition for the Advancement of Applied Education) 98-2000.

    President, Off Centre Centre, an artist-run gallery, Calgary, 1981.

    Vice-President/Coordinator, Off Centre Centre, Calgary, 1980.



Listed in CCCA (Centre for Canadian Contemporary Art) website.

Paul Kuhn Gallery website



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